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Organic compounds, polymer compounds, polymer compositions, organic materials, rubber materials (particularly tires), electronic materials, various molding materials (automobile components, household items), inorganic materials, metallic materials, functional materials, agricultural chemicals, liquid crystals, various catalysts, fuel oil, lubricant oil, fine chemicals.

IP rights application, prosecution, and acquisition in Japan and other countries

Upon request from a client, we actively participate in every step of the IP rights process, starting with the extraction of the invention. After our client’s business plans are revealed to us, we design the claims in the specifications so that rights will be acquired that will actually be exercised, modifying the standard specification design so that the IP right will better contribute to the development of our client’s business, and at the same time, we propose strategies for foreign patent filing.


We have filed patents in about 30 countries, including PCT countries, EU, America, China, South Korea, Taiwan and ASEAN countries, and we have partnership agreements in place with foreign representatives. We are also able to introduce patent attorneys at foreign patent offices who are in charge of the technical field of our clients’ cases.

Handling office actions

In our handling of office actions (OA), we accurately grasp the content of the OA and then propose a strategy for acquiring the rights for the important technologies involved.
If this is a foreign patent case, we give consideration to the comments from the local representative and then provide original, valuable comments which will surely lead to the acquisition of rights.

Rights utilization

We acquire rights that are in line with the research and business of our clients, creating specifications for rights that can actually be exercised. In order to accomplish this, we continue to receive information from the client even after filing the patent application and make adjustments to the application accordingly. Similarly, for foreign patents, we acquire rights with full awareness of the characteristics of the local legal system.

Contracts and litigation related services

In preparing license agreements, after ascertaining the purpose of the license, we propose license conditions based on an objective evaluation of the intellectual property right from the perspective of both the licensor and licensee. In litigation, we act in accordance with our client’s requests, forming a team of a patent attorney well versed in the relevant technology and an attorney at law affiliated with our office.

Investigation and appraisal services

We can carry out investigations prior to filing and clearance investigations prior to market launch (investigating for infringements on the rights of other companies).
Prior to conducting an investigation, we interview our client as to the technology involved, and provide a design for the investigation to the client, which includes selection of the optimum database for the investigation. When performing appraisals, as well, we gain an appropriate grasp of the rights that may be infringed upon and the rights belonging to the client, form a team of patent attorneys with abundant litigation experience, and make an objective decision.

Administrative management and system operations

We manage a case with full awareness that the intellectual property we are entrusted with is the result of valuable resources (knowledge, ingenuity, capital) being expended by the client and is a valuable asset of the client.
①We have independently established a management support system (MSS) and integrated and streamlined our internal office management and operations
②From the reception of a commission for work and preparing the application to the acquisition of rights and right management, we have established a system that provides a sense of security to clients and that enables us to provide high quality, meticulously adjusted, and omission-free management.
③We are further systemizing our intellectual property management so as to always take the point of view of the client, and so as to process tasks in a speedy and timely manner.

Human resources

In order to provide services taking the point of view of the client, we employ patent attorneys with experience in the research and development divisions and intellectual property divisions of companies. We also employ highly skilled and experienced patent attorneys and technical specialists. Our patent attorneys independently strive to develop their abilities, and our technical specialists and administrative staff work to raise their capabilities by actively participating in both internal and external training programs.
We regularly establish relationships with attorneys at law etc. and are working to strengthen our ability to handle infringement litigation etc.